Monday, October 14, 2013


It occurs to me that the Marquis de Sade has much in common with Hannibal Lecter: Just switch serial-killing/cannibalism for rape/theatre.

Each is violent, involving the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of consumption simultaneous with a profound and pathological hatred of virtue.
Sadist-Lecterians [sic] achieve cerebral orgasm, what the French refer to as jouissance, when engaging their prey. The fashion, style, method of stalking and killing/debauching is primary.
Combine this with genius and excess libido on a societal scale and you get one hot mess.
For the moment, we have such a scenario with the Tea Party Republicans on Capitol Hill, for whom serial-killing/cannibalism and sodomy/theatre is transfigured into Armageddon/ideology. Seriously look in their faces, the true believers are really getting off on all this.
And don’t kid yourself about Ted Cruz. He is a genius, a term that originally referred to “generative power” then evolved into a sense of “characteristic disposition” and eventually became a “person of natural intelligence or talent.” Cruz’s father is an evangelical preacher who raised his son to believe that he, like himself, was on a mission from God to rid the world of communists. It’s been his family’s tradition to try and bring Rome to its knees and engender the Second Coming of Christ. Cruz is a genie out of his father’s bottle. Apocalypse is the family business. They’re here to wake us up.
Many of us rightly oppose Corporate Libertarianism and Wall Street, but where corporations exploit our desires the Tea Party dominionists want to consume them. They’re seeking a final solution to what they think is wrong with the world. They want to eat up everything we love and crap it out [so do corporate libertarians, but they don’t hate nature, they’re simply addicted to exploiting her].
As politics make strange bedfellows, Occupiers and such might consider supporting Wall Street’s fight against Right Wing dominionists. You can reason with a greedy person who believes in evolution and global warming. How can you even talk to a zealot who literally gets off on denying both?
If it’s not snuffed now, this particular malignancy in our society will continue metastasizing. The larger it grows, the more gruesome its treatment will necessarily be.
Drastic measures seem called for if we want to preserve a habitable world. There’s simply no room for the Right Wing dominionist menace in the 21st Century. We can’t let America’s version of the Taliban win.

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