Saturday, May 3, 2014


Dear Reader:
I'm an amateur and work from the heart, and can't possibly write to each of you individually.
Therefore, please consider this a personal invitation to read my fifth book from BlazeVox, Trust Me [and other fictions].
I wrote Trust Me to plumb those areas where the voice inside my head's screaming NO…
If it's embarrassed, I must be onto something secret about…
So Trust Me is my shot at pegging this wildness and cornering the terror of it all…a sense of profound alienation…exasperation, angst, agony, the inability to connect…get through…the fundamental fact of aloneness… and yet there's a bit of ecstasy, too. And, hopefully, some laughter.
If you want to read things from an alien perspective, this book plus my others might interest you. Human beings aren't the center of the universe, which is something existing to its own ends on multiple scales as do we.
If nothing else, I'd say Trust Me is fresh material. You won't read anything else remotely like it. This book hails from parts unknown.
I hope you and yours are well and that, if so, you stay that way.

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