Wednesday, October 9, 2013


In a post-Westphalia era defined by climate change and ecological collapse, where the whole of life is being ruled with belligerent ignorance, drastic measures seem necessary if we’re to have any hope for a livable future.
How do we get there?
Maybe we should watch Obama. He’s been handing the Right Wing the rope by which it’s hanging itself. Corporate Libertarians and Christian fascists are at war. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, many claim that the empire will collapse. The troops will come home as our global interests shrink. The world will change what it expects from the U.S. government, which in turn will lower its own expectations regarding its greatness and the superiority of its people.
After this collapse, the Right Wing will likely be blamed by most of the citizenry and the government will feel empowered to permanently curtail the political influence of religious fanatics and greedy global corporations. Non-corporate libertarian corporations that focus on societal well-being and non-profit agencies will try filling the service vacuum. Things will be confusing, chaotic and downright excremental for quite awhile before they start getting better [ask yourself if you think things will improve, if the planet will start healing if a deal’s reached between Republicans and Democrats, and if not, why do you want one?].
What’s best is we might be forced to deal with each other face-to-face rather than through social media because few will be able to afford these gadgets.  Civilization as we’ve experienced it will likely collapse from too much complexity into a greater, more meaningful simplicity. Fewer choices might mean freer minds. Civilization might puke up its autocrats, democratically speaking.
If this pipe dream has any shade of truth to it, Obama will have succeeded at his primary goal when first taking office of changing the culture in Washington. And in the process, he will have freed the world and the American people of their U.S.A. burdens. Future presidents and government officials will feel less pressure to corrupt themselves for the continued survival of a cancerous political-economic system, and have the liberty to act on their conscience and not for some financier’s profit.
It seems pretty audacious to be hoping for a world free of right wing influence these days. It also seems downright ignorant to believe Obama has a secret plan…but remember how cool he was at the White House Correspondents Dinner as the SEALS departed to get bin Laden…?
One thing I do know, all the right people perceive him as an existential threat to their way of life…and that’s good.

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