Monday, July 2, 2012


Those mugs exposing the sea
disguise its blissful gems,
blessing the solid fuel
flying within them.

Determining holiness,
that stare in their eye like salt
dissolves in their liquid swarm,
sluicing me of my self,
nowhere inside the ego
befalling this muted.

When will the newborn meat be siphoned away to slay the un-swept silence oozing through the fractured constituencies of my heart?

When that playable song of a locomotive’s breath howls some un-signified space.

When tomorrow’s voucher’s pledged tonight.

Where my elusiveness seams a glimmer of love reworking the light.


Your incidence seams my apocalypse—

That blankness of lacking,
a delayed mo[u]rning without
direction in the midway human

Insensitivity pursuing what I have.


Being nothing,
all breeds stillness,
going subversive
to reiterate us.


When this blind earth trembles
like a vagrant in the sway,
burying towns of strangers,
yielding worthy worthlessness, muzzy
but stirring, permitting terror—
lips crack open our themes, error
floating them away, pious furor
ejaculations concede, flaming
Its tower, giving It a taste of lovability.


An odiferous potion—

Free of allied malice,
blood-spattered bareness of bowels and brains—

Explodes confusion, becoming our chum.


This precise,
magnificent ingenuity seems a milk-laden Mars,
suckled by Its laughing mother.


A visibility
[when our hushed cerebral envoy crouches,
occupied by central secrecies teeming without voices,
while no part of our furtive tongues syntax
the frothing boogie-woogie
that sometimes washes away
the wickedness of precise
loyalty] blooming
this orb, purely subsisting.


Revealing Its embryonic void to beings, human yet not…

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