Friday, June 29, 2012


A re-cognified
saying I am you—

First nitrogen
then chlorophyll
then id
now I
then you
forming us
to perceive some inhuman/human beyond,
being this ladder, ascending/descending
from this step then
over to another, where

I and I am the tide wearing
I and I wearing the evening air, wearing
I and I wearing the moonlit night, wearing
I and I wearing the vital you, wearing
out, crying into the cosmos

I am you!

I love your disguises!
I savor the taste of seaming your road dust
relish the flavor of seaming your chickpea
adore the comfort of seaming your dog
enjoy the aroma of seaming your camel
[a new path into Heaven]
delight in the sound of seaming your poet

My passion passes through you
finding our clarity
their laughter
Its generous love
transforming enemies into friends
haters into lovers
becoming essential platelets to this life’s blood
this splattering, dancing laughter…

An echo calling back:
I am you!

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