Monday, July 9, 2012


Love always rises
beneath the sheets

a helpless miracle
counting leaves in the dark,
transcribing grackle
notes those of mockingbird

reaching out

empty mortars need
filling, beggars’ bowls in

the boat of myself, submerged
yet living—transparent
ocean hazy with smoke

full moon my space
occupying time
for the cat’s return

god stealing
that look in your eye
snow in the crowd, washing
yourself of your self, somewhere

inside language becoming
a flower
mute and white

a poem
echoing all
i say flesh-
devising spirit

inside astronomy, oceanic
the interior math of a blank page,
a fallow field
ripe for planting the Absolute
seed germinating light, or not

a tongue unlocks its fear,
kissing sentences into a razor’s edge,
weaving the sun as Sol
weaves the sky asking
what time is why,

penetrating our body everywhere
at the center, sewing

nuts to be watered

with sound elation and
numb validation

b[u]y us, or
recent facsimiles

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