Friday, August 3, 2012


whenever you kick me in the teeth
that groin of creation cums

grinning, a malevolent
black sun, rising
fall below the horizon
boiling my underworld
into a frenzy

if you can dig it

my child
your brother, Father Art,
looks dead
gone for greener pastures

obeying life
not ruin

It’s becoming Eros
sucking Thanatos

death dusting death
deconstructing demise

living alive

bleeding into the world

alive living

through that open gash

whores and strippers
mothers and sisters
wives and daughters
screwing the machine
growing muscles you never knew

they had animals who knew
your human hunger
the way you knew refugees
and their ten degrees of pain

snuffing out
the business of APES*

growing quiet dissonance

silence of dissident
flowers spitting seeds

before the world
became us

misting a mirror
upon me
*American Political-Economic System, by which I mean the globally-oriented corporate libertarian state that’s evolved since the U.S. Civil War and the U.S. Supreme Court decision Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, which set a false precedent by which corporations are recognized as legal persons under the U.S. Constitution, garnering all the applicable rights thereof.

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