Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Conversation About “Zero’s Blooming Excursion” [& Whatnot], Finale(?)

Re: The Blurbs
Chuck Richardson to jared

I attached the notes I took instead of writing my blog entry. I now want to let this book sink in for the achievement it is. I'll write something short about it, teasing readers, right before it comes out then a review right after. Good god, man. This is your first real book. And it's a doozy. After work I'm going to stop at the Diamond and buy someone a beer and toast you. Then go home and go to bed.

I prefer the ones in bold, perhaps the first one best. The choice is yours. Feel free to re-write them, mash them together, whatever...just get my approval before you put my name on it. We're not only on the same page with this one now, but the same letter. Yet I think I'm still saying it's capitalized while you say it's not. Fucker! At least we agree it's a vowel, right?

1. Zero’s Blooming Excursion seems a trans-bifurcation of voice...some cacophonous unity of symbols—visual, aural, intellectual—collaborating in the emergence of something deeply spiritual: The awakened human mind dealing with the chaos, projecting the Arabesque patterns of its own movements. Schickling’s book is a brilliant success.
2. Zero’s Blooming Excursion seems sets within sets becoming texts within texts, differing fonts joining together via familiar lines and groupings that now seem alien or other-worldly—inhuman or transhuman—in the way they're seamed together.
3. If one is to be literate in the realm of Zero’s Blooming Excursion’s merged pineal glands, one must make sense of its seams...It's as much a painting to make sense of [the repeated Chagall] or puzzle to construct [the chemistry and mathematics] as a poem to read...It's a critifiction seducing its reader into numerous re-reads, each one producing different patterns and forms of pleasure…Schickling's book is the very embodiment of Calvino’s ideal of multiplicity..
4. Zero’s Blooming Excursion uses the space on the page as a painting of words, and as the pages accumulate so does the sense that a real, albeit esoteric, that is highly personal, which is to say…spiritual…narrative is taking shape...
5. Zero’s Blooming Excursion is a myth making a psychology of Itself in poetic, fictional and critical terms...seeking a form of salvation by salvaging the world via diverse means of constructive nihilism…
6. Zero’s Blooming Excursion’s bizarro science, invisibility cloaking, mathematics, chemistry, strange symbols, numerology, Kabbala, lots of trivial news and obscure data [like patent backgrounds]...all add up to a paranoid yet valid approach to the cosmos which seems to subvert or counter its own overt nihilism. Jared Schickling’s poetic brilliance shines throughout.
7. Zero’s Blooming Excursion’s an ecopoetic manifesto that comes with an instruction manual for anyone knew to Schickling’s fascinating worlds…and who isn’t? Yet.
8. Zero's Blooming Excursion seams redemptive nihilism to the emptiness of lost space...dead "socia"...a dead friend, breathing life into a dying place…

jared schickling to me

this will work! i like the first one. though i might take some things from the some others to add. have to think on it. certainly i'll send it your way afterward. thanks.

Chuck Richardson to jared

Good. You better not drop my "fable." They're refined pieces of a puzzle that naturally fit together. And it helps the reader the way Ziggy's letter does in Smoke. It truly amps everything else in the book. To call "the book" poetry seems inadequate. I'll just refer to it as "the book."

Now leave me alone! LOL. Cheers!

jared schickling to me

Yes, I'll leave you alone now. Thanks for showing up to work!

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