Friday, January 16, 2009


I’d like to thank my friend Jared Schickling for sending along Dan Beachy-Quick’s A Whaler’s Dictionary and Geoffrey Gatza’s Fantasia lights: A Poem.

They arrived via snail mail. I opened the package late last night on a nicotine fit [I’m on the patch], and thought Jared had sent me a pack of Nat Sherman smokes. When I opened the pack I found Gatza’s poem neatly wrapped up. I’d call it a love poem to maniac artists everywhere. The need for a smoke grew as I read it. I bummed one and felt better.

DBQ’s book I’ll have to read when I’m done with Bolano…probably along with a re-reading of Moby Dick. It’s been years, but the memory’s are very bright and DBQ’s companion poem, which is being compared to Olson’s Call Me Ishmael, should make for a pleasurable set of reading.

Jared, by the way, is the author of Aurora and Submissions [both available at BlazeVox] and seems to be getting published everywhere these days. But folks ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ve seen a mss of what would be his first full length book of poems and it’s really something, in my opinion.

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