Monday, May 7, 2012


They shift
using a swiss
cheese hummer for

Yesterday, they were amused
something Abdullah’s mother said
something about the way he shovels his cous cous
or was it how Uncle Ahmed’s olive oil made him fart
[ass up]
at afternoon prayer

But today
Nasrallah’s son detonated an IED
killing Joe from Denver
and Cindy from Pittsburgh

I thought about how we, too, laughed yesterday
something about Cindy’s son Moses crapping his pants on Space Mountain

They move, again
my M-60 of phallic steel—
twisted & oily,
smelling metallic—
death, rattling in my arms,
streams of uranium lead
spewing from the eye of my cock—

A skinless corpse boiling
tomorrow its depleted meal
a phosphate memory whose vessel


Rage might relapse into pleasure,
provocation into bliss

But a lost nation will never recover
its dead, or revisit

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