Friday, April 27, 2012


Waking up with the dog and cat curled around my legs.
Frankie giving me the slow blink and putting his paw on my face.
His nose dripping onto my lips.
Purring. Buddha trying to rub the sleep from his eyes
scooting up the mattress on his belly for some
morning love.
He must get his belly rubbed. Yes,
he must. He is a good boy. Mr. Sleepy Head,
where’s that kitty? Where’s your brudder?
Taking that first shit after the first cup of coffee.
That daybreak buzz.
Watching Phish on New Year’s Eve with Jared and Mollie and her sister-wives:
Lucy Lu, Magda, Francine and, yes, now Beatrice, who happily vomits without burping every time she sees me.
Wherever they live.
Dylan cheerfully glued to every move I make, never saying a word, jabbering nonsense like now, Dylan just as articulate with his face,
saying it all.
My mother beginning a sentence with “This idea…”
My sister and nieces living in Kentucky.
The first day of spring in the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
Writing a poem first thing every morning as I embark on this year of…
Moving along.
Your reading this.
Among other things…

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