Friday, November 9, 2012


Marx’s definition of ideology: “They do not know it, but they’re doing it.”
Zizek: “The fundamental level of ideology…is an unconscious fantasy structuring our social reality itself.”
How do we account for this paradox that the absence of law universalizes prohibition?
My voice is that of an alien imagination perceiving the world from its own felt dimension. However, it’s humans who seem alien—NOT the narrator.
…like some heifer moseying into the man cave…
My poems are impersonal expressions of our species’ cosmic conscience fully cognizant of their biocentric situation and anti-spectacular function.
As a cosmic-spiritual anarchist, I am by definition a-theist. If one particular God’s in charge and has too much authority, lording it over all the rest of us like Assad or any other type of megalomaniacal cocksucker…S/he can kiss my fat, hairy ass!
Brecht may have said something like an event is the smallest unit of a situation. The audience functions as the event’s random conclusion. Fluxus braces uncertainty, an aesthetic that makes sense.
God is the universe’s mindful affect.
Consistency is the hobgoblin of nincompoops. 
Dark energy is the force of perception on an observed object.
Fun Stuff: Alex Jones…Prometheus…Bohemian Grove Moloch Cult/Ancient Aliens as Globalist propaganda/Directed panspermia…/the paranormal/sasquatch-yeti-gigantopithecus.
Frank Wilczek: The Higgs particle is the “quantum of ubiquitous resistance”…It’s a universal medium—kind of like the 11th dimension or branes
Extreme Moral Considerations in [some] French Literature: Bataille, Sade, Celine, Genet, Robbe-Grillet, Barthes, Honore, von Trier, Noe…
Dreamlands: 3 Fictions—An example of derive, or drift. In psychogeography an unplanned journey through landscape, usually urban, where an individual travels where the subtle aesthetic contours of the surrounding architecture and geography subconsciously direct them with the ultimate goal of encountering an entirely new and authentic experience.
Is dying alone the ultimate failure or success? The final rejection or the last acceptance?
Does the Moon Ever Shine In Heaven? A tale of the Bardo Plane [a weird little novel looking for a publisher] is a Tibetan Buddhist crime and punishment told by a first person suicided narrator…
Hell is other writers.
If a man doesn’t hate himself, he’s not a true misanthropist. Narcissism is the first step toward loving your fellow man. Ayn Rand-type thinking is a perversion of narcissism in that its psyche is cloven by the fear it will evolve, improve and change. To someone who believes themselves self-actualized, such evolution would be fruitless if it were possible. Therefore, anyone calling for change becomes an existential threat. I think Ayn Rand projected her self-hatred outward onto those she subconsciously sensed were her superiors at thinking, living, writing and having sex, etc.
Ayn Rand, the Koch brothers, Tea Party...embody a malignant pseudo-narcissism repressing its own self-hatred, which is likely to appear as an uncanny emergency requiring an immediate response…formation of a terror group…a corporate-sponsored militia that’s actually “Blackwater” pulling off false flag operations…
It’s not what you know that counts, but how you handle it. In TheFool’s Progress Edward Abbey states several times, and I paraphrase, you can’t change human nature without mutilating human beings. Abbey’s protagonist humanizes himself in this mutilation, evolving from an abusive husband to a soul worthy of the kingdom of heaven, or at least going home. The right wing wants to mutilate others. That’s a difference that matters.
Theory—Fiction Is A Way of Knowing
1.      The Paranoid Medium
2.      In A Dimension That Doesn’t Compute
3.      Evolving New Tribes
4.      Becoming Your Own Spectacle
5.      Rebellion & Renaissance
6.      Obsessively Drifting Toward Apocalypse
7.      Not Burned At The Stake; But Ablaze, Drifting at Sea
qualia [pl.]—def&etym—antonym for “quanta,” s. “quale”—A property considered separately from a thing having that property. Latin “qualis”—what kind, condition, of what kind. English “quality.”  

John Cage: “…all things are related. We don’t have to bring about relationships.”

Bartleby is a post-apocalyptic sensibility coping with a socialized ignorance of the fact, be-ing felt from the inside-out…mentally coping with the birth and evolution of what will become the Armageddon event…knowing that wickedness has entered the world and begun its mission. It’s no coincidence he works on Wall Street.

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